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U.S. Advertising Expenditures Increases 10.3% From 2004 Level: TNS Media Intelligence/CMR

Total advertising expenditure for the first nine months of 2004 increased 10.3 percent to $102.4 billion compared to the same time period in 2003, according to data released by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, a leading provider of strategic advertising and marketing information.

"Throughout 2004, the advertising market has experienced steady, healthy growth with increases in all three quarters," said Steven Fredericks, president and CEO of TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, a division of TNS, the world's second largest market information company. "As we forecasted earlier in the year, third quarter spending for the Olympics and the political season elevated the volume of overall dollars brought into the advertising market."

Ad Spending by Media
Almost all of the media measured by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR experienced growth throughout the first nine months of the year, with Local Newspapers leading in total dollar spending at $17.7 billion, up 6.6 percent over the same time period in 2003. Spending in the automotive, home furnishings/appliances and clothing/department stores categories helped propel the growth in this medium. Network TV, the second highest medium for ad dollars spent, totaled $16.4 billion, up 14 percent in part due to Olympic spending in the third quarter of 2004.

Nearly half of the media monitored by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR exhibited double digit year-over-year percentage growth, with the Internet continuing its steady rise, up 25.8 percent to $5.5 billion. Other media showing strong year-over-year growth include Outdoor, National Syndication, Cable TV, Local Magazines and Consumer Magazines.

Ad Spending by Media: Jan-Sept. 2004 vs. Jan-Sept 20031

MEDIA Jan-Sept 2003
Jan-Sept 2004
% Change
NEWSPAPERS (LOCAL) $16,649.5 $17,752.4 6.6%
NETWORK TV $14,438.2 $16,463.1 14.0%
CONSUMER MAGAZINES2 $13,524.3 $14,879.0 10.0%
SPOT TV3 $11,284.0 $12,343.3 9.4%
CABLE TV4 $9,035.2 $10,489.5 16.1%
INTERNET $4,446.1 $5,593.2 25.8%
LOCAL RADIO5 $5,357.1 $5,457.0 1.9%
B-TO-B MAGAZINES $3,802.7 $3,859.5 1.5%
SYNDICATION - NATIONAL  $2,471.0 $2,898.5 17.3%
HISPANIC MEDIA6 $2,726.3 $2,872.6 5.4%
NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS $2,238.4 $2,454.6 9.7%
OUTDOOR $2,041.5 $2,400.8 17.6%
NATIONAL SPOT RADIO $1,924.6 $1,875.1 -2.6%
FSI's7 $1,017.2 $1,065.4 4.7%
SUNDAY MAGAZINES $974.7 $1,053.1 8.0%
NETWORK RADIO $735.0 $754.2 2.6%
LOCAL MAGAZINES $234.3 $258.5 10.3%
TOTAL8 $92,899.9 $102,469.6 10.3%

Source: TNS Media Intelligence/CMR
1 Figures are based on the TNS Media Intelligence/CMR Stradegy2 multimedia ad expenditure database across all TNSMI/CMR measured media, including: Network TV, Spot TV, Cable TV, Syndication, Hispanic Network TV, Consumer Magazines, Sunday Magazines, Local Magazines (31 publications), Hispanic Magazines, Newspapers (local and national), Hispanic Newspapers, Network Radio, Spot Radio, Local Radio, Internet and Outdoor. Figures do not contain public service announcement (PSA) data.
2 Consumer Magazine data reflects the June 2004 PIB restatement
3 Spot TV figures do not include Hispanic Spot TV data.
4 Cable TV figures based on 43 networks.
5 Radio includes expenditures for 35 markets in the U.S provided by Miller Kaplan.
6 Hispanic Media includes expenditures from Hispanic TV (Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura and Galavision), Hispanic Spot TV, Hispanic Magazines and Newspapers.
7 FSI data represents distribution costs only.
8 The sum of the individual media may differ from the grand total due to rounding.

Ad Spending by Advertiser
The top 10 advertisers for the first nine months of 2004 spent $12.6 billion to communicate their messages to the marketplace, a 6.8 percent increase from the same time period in 2003.

Procter & Gamble led in spending with a total of $2.1 billion, a 6.7 percent increase. While P&G utilized all major media for their messages, the company spent a good portion of its budget with Network TV, Cable and Consumer Magazines.

Other advertisers exhibiting strong spending include General Motors, whose advertising activity totaled $1.9 billion and Time Warner with a total of $1.3 billion.

Nearly all of the top 10 ad spenders exhibited some level of growth, with Verizon Communications and General Motors posting double digit year-over-year gains at 21.8 percent and 14.6 percent respectively. Verizon's promotion of its wireless and Internet services helped fuel its strong growth.

Top Ten Ad Spenders: Jan-Sept 2004 vs. Jan-Sept 20039

COMPANY Jan-Sept 2003
Jan-Sept 2004
PROCTER & GAMBLE CO $1,996.7 $2,131.2 6.7%
GENERAL MOTORS CORP $1,737.1 $1,990.3 14.6%
TIME WARNER INC $1,349.8 $1,345.0 -0.4%
DAIMLERCHRYSLER AG $1,178.9 $1,219.6 3.4%
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC $935.1 $1,138.6 21.8%
FORD MOTOR CO $1,090.8 $1,083.5 -0.7%
WALT DISNEY CO $1,042.3 $1,079.3 3.5%
JOHNSON & JOHNSON $906.4 $933.8 3.0%
SBC COMMUNICATIONS INC $833.6 $916.4 9.9%
ALTRIA GROUP INC $796.6 $836.5 5.0%
TOTAL $11,867.4 $12,674.2 6.8%

Source: TNS Media Intelligence/CMR
9 Figures do not contain FSI or public service announcement (PSA) data.

2004 Summer Olympics
Total television advertising revenue for the 2004 Summer Olympics reached $1.55 billion, an increase of $255 million versus the 2000 Sydney games. "In an era characterized by audience fragmentation, advertisers recognize the value of advertising during high-profile, must-see events such as the Olympics," continued Fredericks. Network TV accounted for $1.17 billion of spending on the Games while $93 million was allocated to Cable networks. Local TV stations took in an additional $285 million in ad revenue.

On the NBC network broadcasts, a collection of 160 different advertisers aired commercial messages during the 16 days of coverage. The top five Network TV sponsors, ranked on spending, were General Motors, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Visa and AT&T Wireless.

Top Five Ad Spenders on NBC Telecasts of 2004 Summer Olympics

Company Total Spending
COCA-COLA CO $62 million
VISA USA INC $46 million

Political Spending
According to TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group, a TNS Media Intelligence/CMR company, $767 million was spent on political and issue advocacy television messages for the first nine months of 2004. "This has been an unprecedented election from an advertising standpoint," noted Evan Tracey, chief operating officer of TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group. "The new campaign finance laws, which some said would hinder the advertising industry, have actually increased the total spent and allowed for a significant increase in early political ad spending."

From January to September 2004, the Bush/Cheney campaign and pro-Republican groups spent $156.4 million for their messages. The Kerry/Edwards campaign and pro-Democrat groups spent $253.8 million. Spending on other elections and ballot initiatives, along with spending by issue advocacy groups totaled $356.8 million.

Political Spending: January - September 2004

Sponsor Total TV Spending
Bush/Cheney Campaign $145.5 million
Kerry/Edwards Campaign $105.3 million
Pro-Republican Groups $10.9 million
Pro-Democrat Groups $148.5 million
Other Political and Issue Advocacy Groups $356.8 million
Grand Total $767.0 million

Source: TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group

As released on November 1st, the total spending for political messages in 2004 is projected to exceed $1.45 billion. The advertising activity that occurred in October and early November will be reported in the upcoming TNSMI/CMR full year press release.

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