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Marketing and marketing communications (offline and integrated)
Marketing Today - online marketing, internet marketing, e-marketing, emarketing, imarketing, i-marketing, cyber marketing Internet Marketing
Internet marketing and integrating offline and online marketing. Special section on Search Engine Marketing.
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Marketing at and managing trade shows and events.
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The latest data and analysis relevant to marketers
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Marketing news from more than 30 sources.
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Search engine marketing and search engine optimization tools and advice.
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Direct Marketing ROI Calculator, Ad CPM Calculator and more
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Journalists and editors:
Marketing Today publisher Peter DeLegge is a recognized expert on business-to-business marketing who has been proven in numerous newspaper, magazine and trade journal articles to provide great quotes. Editors love his quotes! To contact Peter, call 630.724.9160 or send an email.

Marketing Today Launches Niche Marketing Jobs and Career Website Joining a Network with Some of the Largest Marketing Associations in the U.S.

Chicago, IL (11 April 2005) -  With giant career sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs, one might question the value of a new marketing jobs and career website. However, a closer examination reveals that niche job sites can be very effective for reaching highly qualified and desirable candidates. MarketingHire.com was created around that goal.

As part of the Marketing Career Network, a group of marketing and advertising organizations including the American Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation and other associations, MarketingHire.com provides job seekers with access to job listings from all these associations without cost or membership requirements. For employers and recruiters, listing marketing job openings at MarketingHire.com provides access to the entire Marketing Career Network.

MarketingHire.com is a division of Marketing Today (www.marketingtoday.com), a property of Peter DeLegge Consulting, a marketing publication that has received praise from some of the world's leading business schools, business magazines and marketing associations. According to Peter DeLegge, MarketingHire.com was developed to fill a hole and serve the needs of marketers. "As a career long marketing professional myself, I surveyed various job websites, assessing their ability to serve marketers. The big general job websites just don't provide the specific advice that is so critical for marketers. Also, many employers want to avoid the deluge of resumes and inconsistent quality of candidates they receive when they post a marketing position at one of these big general job sites. On the other hand, the current crop of niche marketing job websites are often weak on listings, weak on advice or articles, require membership or are difficult to use -- most are trying to hook job seekers for other services instead of helping them. MarketingHire.com is a comprehensive marketing jobs and career website. It is useful even for marketing professionals who are not presently looking for a new job."

Human Resources professional Nancy Roach agrees with DeLegge's observation, "When our company posts a listing at one of the big job websites we can be bombarded with resumes, many from applicants who are completely unqualified. We have often have to sift through hundreds or thousands of resumes just to find a short stack of candidates who meet the basic qualifications we outlined in the job listing. MarketingHire.com enables employers to reach an audience of more qualified marketing candidates."


Media Contact: Nancy Roach

About Marketing Today: Marketing Today (MarketingToday.com) is a network of publications, an online magazine, email newsletter and blog covering business-to-business marketing strategies and current issues. Publisher/editor Peter DeLegge is a respected Fortune 500 senior business-to-business marketing professional and speaker. Marketing Today has been recommended by numerous marketing associations, magazines and business schools such as Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge and Northwestern’s Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications. Marketing Today includes articles from some of the world’s most respected marketers, the latest research and analysis on marketing trends and resources on marketing related law and marketing effectiveness measurement. Launched in 1998, Marketing Today was one of the first webzines covering business-to-business marketing.

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